New School Year Changes and Questions

Nothing gets me more anxious and excited as the beginning of a school year. Summer is great and wonderful, don’t get me wrong. I love my time home with the kids. We got a swingset, a new camera, and went on several amazing trips during the course of the summer and it was wonderful! I mean anxious as in -“My gosh I got so much to do! What to change, what to keep the same? What will my kids be like? What problems will crop up? Am I missing a seating chart? Did I forget to order pencils? I also mean anxious for change- It’s an impending doom and blessing when August comes around and its time to think about school. I like change, but don’t remind me of that when choosing a meal at Wendy’s.

One thing I am looking forward to with this year is that much of my other distractions are out of the picture. I just got my masters in Instructional Media which I am pumped about. I also have more time to teach each period (40 <56 mins). What I have going for me is half a year of instructional videos for my kids in the flipped model as well. I have some questions I am tackling currently. I’ll let you know what decisions I make and how it plays out this year.

  1. Blogging and digital portfolios- How will this look for my class or does it have a place?
  2. digital lab books- If not blogs, then digital science notebooks…Still wondering.
  3. Improving methods of materials for the flipclass model. I want paperless, but packets seem more important for students rather than digital at my level. (correct me if I am sooo wrong on this)I teach 11 yr. olds with little experience with computers in the classroom.
  4. Improving computer tech integration to enhance, rather than replace learning opportunities. – Its one thing to do a writing piece, but another to create a e-book lab report with pictures, writing, and design that can be read by others.
  5. Video in the classroom – How can I make this a productive venture in my class?
  6. Classroom management Improving turning in assignments, getting information to students, as well as layout of content and materials to make it conducive to learning.

Comments and answer to questions appreciated.


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